Musical theatre
Robin Hood
Robin des Bois

Illustration: Scènes de la vie courtoise
(Scenes of the courteous life – 1180)


  1. 1Robin 1 - Oyez
  2. 2Robin 2 - Frère Tuck
  3. 3Robin 3 - La Reine des Forêts (instrumental)
  4. 4Robin 4 - Notre château
  5. 5Robin 5 - Le Shérif saoul

libretto by Jean-Marie Lecoq
music by Louis Dunoyer de Segonzac

What next, after La Belle et la Bete? A new musical comedy on ice, premiered in 2001 under a big circus tent in La Courneuve, with singers, musicians, horses, horse-drawn carriages and skaters choreographed by Olivia and Philippe Candeloro. To this were added acrobats on bungee cords, operating under a huge metallic tree representing the Sherwood Forest. The title role was given to Fernand Fedronic, who has the unique qualification of being both a multi-time French figure skating champion and an excellent singer, graduate of the Paris Conservatory.

Casting of the recording :
Fernand Fedronic, Robin
Nelly-Anne Rabas, Marian
Sabine Jeangeorges, The Queen of the forests
Pierre Reggiani, the Minstrel
Jean-Louis Calvani, Brother Tuck
Paul Médioni, Prince John
Sandrine Poncet, flute & piccolo
Antoine Lazennec, oboe & english horn
Patrice Antonangelo, trumpet
Jacques Peillon, french horn
Claude Remacle, trombone
Marc Perez, guitar & bodhràn
Franck Stéckar, percussion
Bruno Perbost, keyboards
Benoît Dunoyer de Segonzac, double bass

sound engineers : Alain Cluzeau and Fred Commault