Musical theatre
The Beauty and the Beast
La Belle et la Bête

Illustration: Maëster


  1. 1La Belle & la Bête 1 - Chanson de la Rose
  2. 2La Belle & la Bête 2 - Mon père, où êtes-vous
  3. 3La Belle & la Bête 3 - Pas de choux
  4. 4La Belle & la Bête 4 - Un chasseur
  5. 5La Belle & la Bête 5 - Le Palais des merveilles

libretto by Jean-Marie Lecoq, after Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont
music by Louis Dunoyer de Segonzac

The musical comedy on ice La Belle et la Bete (The Beauty and the Beast) was premiered in 2000 in Saint-Denis,  in a large circus tent which welcomed approximately two hundred thousand spectators over forty performances. In addition to singers and musicians, the show featured  horses,  horse-drawn carriages and skaters choreographed by Olivia and Philippe Candeloro. The tour of the show was a great adventure as well as a real challenge: it visited the West Indies and Guyana, complete with ice rink and dancers on ice!

Casting of the recording :
Julie Victor, the Beauty
Didier Kersten, the Beast
Isabelle Obadia, Clémentine
Claudia Mauro, Dahlia
Fernand Fedronic, the Brother
Jean-Marie Lecoq, the Father
Pierre Reggiani, the Chamberlain
Claude Lefebvre, flute & piccolo
Antoine Lazennec, oboe & english horn
Patrice Antonangelo, trumpet
Florent Barrois, french horn
Claude Remacle, trombone
Philippe Chaignon, percussion
Bruno Perbost, keyboards
Jean-Philippe Viret, double bass

sound engineer : Michael Obst