Musical theatre
Around the world
in 80 days
Le Tour du monde
en 80 jours

Illustration: Tina Mercié


  1. 1Tour du Monde 1 - Vendeurs de journaux
  2. 2Tour du Monde 2 - Passepartout
  3. 3Tour du Monde 3 - Air de Fix
  4. 4Tour du Monde 4 - Le Souk et bazar
  5. 5Tour du Monde 5 - Trio Hindou
  6. 6Tour du Monde 6 - Trio de l'opium
  7. 7Tour du Monde 7 - Sextuor du Pousse-pousse
  8. 8Tour du Monde 8 - Trio des trappeurs
  9. 9Tour du Monde 9 - Fable
  10. 10Tour du Monde 10 - A toute vapeur

libretto by Jean-Marie Lecoq, after Jules Verne
music by Louis Dunoyer de Segonzac

Le Tour du monde en 80 jours (Around the world in 80 days) was premiered in 1987 at the Maison de la Culture in Chambery. This opening production was followed by repeat performances at the Opera d’Angers, then in Paris at the Theatre Dejazet. The show was given more than two hundred performances throughout France, Europe and Africa. In 1994, a new version of the Tour du monde en 80 jours appeared in a large circus tent erected in the Parc André Malraux in Nanterre, in a production combining singers and musicians with circus artists, dancers, horses and camels. This spectacular production went on tour in large French cities, in circus tents or convention centers. Since then, the play has been frequently produced by conservatories, music schools, choral groups and musical theater companies such as the Compagnie Clin d’Oeil and the CREA at Aulnay-sous-Bois.

Casting of the recording :
Jocelyne Sand, Princess Aouda
Claude Legendre, Phileas Fogg
Jean-Marie Lecoq, Passepartout
Maxime Casa, Fix
Nelly-Anne Rabas, Agnès Host & Lise Durand, the three elves
Gilles Butin, Bernard Valdeneige & Bonnafet Tarbouriech, the three gentlemen
Isabelle Grandet, piano
Louis Dunoyer, oboe, saxophone
Bernard Valdeneige, clarinet
Patrick Couffignal, trumpet
Patrick Sabaton, trombone
Florent Haladjian, percussion

sound engineer : Michael Obst