Musical theatre
Christopher Columbus
Christophe Colomb

Illustration: Enrique Marin


  1. 1Colomb 1 - La Bonne aventure
  2. 2Colomb 2 - La Nuit des gitans
  3. 3Colomb 3 - Tango de l'oeuf
  4. 4Colomb 4 - Pèlerins de la mer
  5. 5Colomb 5 - Le Pays des merveilles
  6. 6Colomb 6 - Les Perroquets

libretto by Jean-Marie Lecoq
music by Louis Dunoyer de Segonzac

Christophe Colomb was premiered in 1990 at the Casino d’Enghien, repeated at the Opera d’Angers, then in Paris at the Theatre Dejazet. Christophe Colomb received the 1991 Moliere Award for the best musical show.
Christophe Colomb was translated into English and performed in the United States, notably at the Aspen Music Festival in the Wheeler Opera House. It was also performed in Nassau, in the Bahamas, on the occasion of the five hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America.

Casting of the recording :
Lydia Fabien, Madrina
Nelly-Anne Rabas, Navidad
Jocelyne Sand, Estrella
Gilles Butin, Tiradentes
Maxime Casa, Padrino
Jean-Marie Lecoq, The Stranger
Wahid Lamamra, Navaja
Claude Legendre, El Ciego
Bonnafet Tarbouriech, Tapon
Vincent Vittoz, Plumero

Isabelle Grandet, piano
Louis Dunoyer, oboe
Patrick Couffignal, trumpet
Patrick Sabaton, trombone
Marc Perez, guitar, charango, tin whistles, percussion

sound engineer : Michael Obst