Musical theatre
Capitan Fracasse
Le Capitaine Fracasse

Illustration: Tina Mercié


  1. 1Fracasse 1 - Capitano Fracasso
  2. 2Fracasse 2 - Le Bruit Des Lames
  3. 3Fracasse 3 - Le Chariot De Thepsis
  4. 4Fracasse 4 - Matamore est mort
  5. 5Fracasse 5 - Air de Zerbine
  6. 6Fracasse 6 - Air d'Isabelle
  7. 7Fracasse 7 - Air de Chiquita

libretto by Jean-Marie Lecoq, after Théophile Gautier
music by Louis Dunoyer de Segonzac

Le Capitaine Fracasse was premiered in 1986 in Tarbes, birthplace of Theophile Gautier. At the same time, the Compagnie Fracasse was born, named after the play. After its performances in Tarbes, it was repeated at the Opera d’Angers and at the Maison de la Culture in La Rochelle, before being performed in Paris at the Theatre de la Renaissance.  Subsequently, it enjoyed extensive tours throughout France, Europe and Africa, before returning to Paris at the Theatre Dejazet. A new version of Capitaine Fracasse appeared in 1993, in a circus tent erected in the Parc André Malraux in Nanterre, with a spectacular production featuring horses and horsemen, horse-drawn carriages and moving sets, acrobats, jugglers, tight rope dancers and stuntmen. Le Capitaine Fracasse was translated into German and performed throughout German speaking countries. To date, it has been performed over two hundred and fifty times.

Casting of the recording :
Sophie Calmel, Isabelle
Lise Durand, Zerbine
Jocelyne Sand, Chiquita
Gilles Butin, Léandre
Maxime Casa, Le Marquis
Jean-Marie Lecoq, Vallombreuse
Claude Legendre, Matamore
Pierre Reggiani, Scapin
Bonnafet Tarbouriech, Hérode
Frédéric Van Den Driessche, Fracasse
Isabelle Grandet, piano
Louis Dunoyer, oboe, english horn, glockenspiel
Frédéric Mellardi, trumpet
Patrick Sabaton, trombone
Sophie Calmel, harp

sound engineer : Michael Obst