Gallimard musical books
Coco and the drum
Coco et le tambour

Illustration: Xavier Frehring


  1. 1Coco 1 - Celesta
  2. 2Coco.2-Casseroles et poêles
  3. 3Coco 3 - Accessoires de cuisine
  4. 4Coco 4 - Clesta (suite)
  5. 5Coco 5 - Avec tambours et trompettes
  6. 6Coco 6 - Celesta (fin)

music by Louis Dunoyer de Segonzac,
composed to accompany a story by Paule Du Bouchet
read by Marion Stalens.

Patrice Antonangelo, trumpets
Isabelle Grandet and Louis Dunoyer, celesta
Franck Stéckar, percussion

sound engineer : Daniel Deshays

Aside from the celesta and the trumpets, this book-with-CD prominently features percussions.
In excerpts #2 and #3, Franck Steckar plays only on kitchen utensils, used as percussion instruments: pots and pans, cullander, frying pans, garbage can,  cake pans, tea tins, wooden spoon, match boxes, tea spoons and crystal glasses.

Thanks to Gallimard Jeunesse Musique and to Paule Du Bouchet