Television movies
Chiffon’s marriage
Le Mariage de Chiffon
  1. 1Mariage de Chiffon 1 - Kitty-valse
  2. 2Mariage de chiffon 2 - Atchi !

a television movie directed Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe
screenplay  by Anne Andréi
after Gyp

cast :
Christa Théret, Hippolyte Girardot, Arthus de Penguern

Music by Gabriel Fauré and Emmanuel Chabrier
Arrangements by Louis Dunoyer de Segonzac

musicians :
Claude Lefebvre, flute
Philippe-Olivier Devaux, clarinet
Young-Eun Koo, violin
Vadim Tchijik, violin
Marco Massera, viola
Patrick Langot, cello
Esther Brayer, double bass

sound engineer : Fred Commault and Didier Pouydesseau

produced by JM Production – Gérard Jourd’hui and Gaëlle Girre
with the participation of France-Télévisions
first broadcast : march 31st 2010, on France2 channel

thanks to Gaëlle Girre